Heavy Traffic is a piece of music for electric guitar and subwoofers, and also a curated concert program.  The two go together.  I put it on in August 2018 at the Toronto chapter of the Canadian Music Centre with the help of the amazing Matthew Fava and with funding from the Canada Council for the Arts.  The concert featured music by Drum & Lace, Neil Brandt, Colin Frank, Daria Baiocchi, rd wraggett, Alanna Ho, Alexandra Spence, Alessandro Baldessari and George Rahi.

The piece I composed for the program featured Graham Banfield on the guitar, and the two of us worked closely on it prior to the premiere.

The two of us had worked together before, on 2016’s solo classical guitar piece Gourd Motor Mindscape:

And both of these continue the guitarsplorations begun in this earlier studio work: