So, I trained as a composer.  And I trained.  And I trained.  You can hear tons of stuff on my soundcloud.

Over the years some judges have considered my compositions to be “good,” particularly when those compositions (1) involve playing audio back through loudspeakers; and (2) creative use of voice recordings.  Here are some works that won prizes.

The Nirvana / Matthew Good mashup taste / oh yeah, i guess could also be heard at ICMC 2018 in Daegu, Korea.  I based the piece on the concept of Plunderphonics, i.e heavily remixed and resampled audio that used to belong to someone else.  Maybe I wouldn’t steal a car.  But maybe I would steal your voice.

in the minimal senses is just an obnoxious audio essay, you know.

Kyrie is an intense piece and I’ve never been completely sure I like the statement it makes.  It’s written for Dorothea Hayley, probably the only person who can sing it.